History of ACCPAC Accounting software

History of ACCPAC Accounting software

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History of ACCPAC Accounting software (Sage 300 ERP)

If you are an accountant you will know about the ACCPAC accounting software which is now known as Sage 300 ERP.

ACCPAC Accounting software

ACCPAC stands for A Complete and Comprehensive Program for Accounting Control. ACCPAC accounting software main focus is accounting in an earlier stage. But nowadays this software developed well to do other back end operations. By using the ACCPAC  you can take care of inventory and project management. You can also able to do a production plan during the manufacturing process. In 2012 ACCPAC,  re-branded as Sage 300 ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning)

Lets we will see the history of ACCPAC Accounting Software in this article.

An Earlier Stage

At earlier stages, ACCPAC software begins with easy business systems that do the basic accounting functions such as accounts payable, account receivable, order entry and general ledger. And this software also included the Word Processor and Spreadsheet Program like Microsoft Office products.

ACCPAC Plus: The DOS Era

In 1985 American firm Computer Associates acquired the Easy Business System and then it was re-branded as ACCPAC Plus that provided CA’s Accounting solutions for SMEs (Small and Medium Sized Enterprises) By using this software modules business person handled the accounting functions and other operation such as inventory control, payroll and project job costing. But today’s Sage 300 ERP modules can be customized as per your business needs.

Before 1988, Infoworld magazine noticed the extensive collection of vertical market, another third-party program has been integrated with ACCPAC. These are called as Crystal service’s reporting add-on. Today it is called Crystal Reports.

ACCPAC Plus is a multitasking system to do multiple tasks with the help of Windowing manager. Then the user can know about the flow of the system and able to switch between different modules as well.

Sage shut this section of Accpac’s history when they retired the product in 2006, long after the DOS era finished.

Bringing the Accpac Advantage to Windows

Accpac touched base on Windows work areas in 1994, similarly as the OS was grabbing in prevalence. Not exclusively would the program be progressively natural to utilize, there’d now be much greater adaptability and space for further advancement.

In 1994 ACCPAC arrived on the Windows desktops and it is also more popular as OS in that period. And this software provides a lot of flexibility. And in 2001 Release of ACCPAC introduced another new multi-tiered system architecture with more functionalities such as extensive customizations on past plugin approach, accessible from everywhere and basic functions also accessible through web browsers.

Sage acquires Accpac, Now Known as Sage 300 ERP

British public-listed software company sage developed the accounting software and acquired the ACCPAC software which is used as financial management software for business sectors. Then Sage re-branded the ACCPAC  as Sage ACCPAC ERP.

At 2012 ACCPAC brand also formally retired. Then Sage 300 ERP provides the SME’s targeted solution. In 2016 Sage developed another accounting software that is 300c ( 300 clouds). By using the cloud-based accounting software you can able to retrieve your financial data from anywhere and anytime and it secured one for business. Now you can use Sage 300 on Microsoft Azure.

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