Features Of Sage UBS Inventory Software

Features Of Sage UBS Inventory Software

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April 10, 2019
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May 8, 2019

Features Of Sage UBS Inventory Software

Sage UBS Inventory Software

Sage UBS Inventory Software is used to track and maintain the stocks immediately after every entry. This software is also called as Sage UBS Stock Control System. And this system function as an invoicing system.  Through this software, you can able to print the invoice and delivery order. The Effectiveness of this system has been improved by Extensive R&D. To improve this system, Bill of a material module is added as a feature.

In the Sage UBS Inventory Software, Stock valuation methods are provided. Such valuation methods are Fixed Cost, First In First Out (FIFO), Monthly Moving Average and Moving Average.  And to access the data, different levels of security are provided. Stock item can also be inserted as a picture.

This software is suitable for following Small  and medium companies such as

  •   Retail Shop
  •   Restaurant
  •   Bar
  •   Hospital
  •   Hotel
  •   Wholesales
  •   Warehouse
  •   Manufacturing Companies

Features of Sage UBS Inventory Software

  •   By using this inventory software you can able to track and maintain inventory movement of the company.
  •   Through this software, you can able to control the multiple company transactions.
  •   This software provides different levels of security for data access.
  •   Through the unique serial code, you can simply track the stocks.
  •   Multiple payment modes are available in the Sage UBS Inventory Software.
  •   Real-time stocks are updated with receipt and issue of the item.
  •   Multiple location entry and Item graded entry is available for the users.
  •   Stock valuation method modules are provided. Those are Fixed Cost, Monthly Average, Moving Average, FIFO
  •   This inventory software can be integrated with Singapore accounting software.
  •   You can able to retrieve all the historical records


You can simply print the following reports such as

  •   Delivery order
  •   Invoice
  •   Cash sale
  •   Sales Order
  •   Purchase Order
  •   Debit note
  •   Credit note
  •   Reorder
  •   Stock Cards
  •   Stock aging reports

These are the features and benefits of Sage UBS inventory software.  Are you looking for the best accounting software for your business? You are at the right website. Book your software demo through the call: sales@onestopaccounting.com or email: 65-6746 2613 or 65-6227 1797  Hurry up!! It’s your time!!

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