UBS Accounting Singapore: Efficient Financial Management

Sage UBS Accounting Software Singapore

Sage UBS is the most popular accounting software in Singapore, famous for its easy-to-use features and great flexibility. It also comes with Sage UBS Assets Register, a handy tool to manage your fixed asset and calculation of depreciation.

Inventory & Billing Software System (Stock Control)

The application has a well-merged inventory control, order processing and purchasing system. Formerly known as Sage UBS Stock Control, it is famous for a wide range of features, useful reports, easy to use interface and customizability.

Payroll & Human Resource Management Software System

Sage UBS Accounting Software covers features with great flexibility and accuracy which has been the main factors of being popular among almost all industry SMEs. Now comes with Sage UBS Human Resource Management to compliment the management and administration, leaves, claims, resources, and appraisal.

Point of Sale (POS) Software System

Sage UBS Accounting’s feature-rich PC based cash register system is designed for all types of retail outlets. It can be used as itself or integrated with Sage UBS Inventory & Billing for more comprehensive inventory control.

Sage UBS Accounting Process:

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Key Screen Feature:

Sage UBS accounting Software has powerful dashboard chart for one to view all transaction by using the graph and saves a lot of time spent on manual efforts.

ubs accounting software