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Data Security is the prime element in an organization for its development and market value. At One Stop Accounting Software, we install the desired applications on the Client’s server in a cloud environment so that the entire business operation can access the HQ server any time, anywhere. Giving a sense of surety and comfort with their data security structure as their data is within their own office environment.

Costs saving for SMEs the applications are browser-based which means you need not constantly upgrade your operating system.

No need for expensive VPN or terminal service license. You can choose to host using dynamic IP instead of static IP, which usually comes with a higher monthly subscription plan.

Cloud accounting software / Inventory Features:

  • No Accounting Jargon / Easy To Use
  • Cloud accounting software /Inventory System/Payroll, anytime using internet connection
  • Provide different levels of data access security
  • Unique user ID and password
  • Maintain user groups for different access to different levels of data
  • Audit Trail to track data
  • Multi-location entry
  • Real-time update
  • Handling transaction up to more than 24 months
  • Goods & Services Tax (GST) computation function
  • Unrealised gain/ loss computation

cloud accounting software
Inventory Software plays a major part in each company operation. Imagine daily invoices and all stock reporting that had to be done manually and time-consuming. Computerized inventory software allows you to simply input your daily billing such as invoices, purchase order, credit notes, and many other billing functions into inventory software such as EZ Accounting/Sage UBS/ MYOB Premier Version with inventory module which also prints stock card and even shows the top-selling inventory items.

Inventory & Billing has a built-in invoicing system which allows you to print invoices and delivery orders. Over the years the system has been improved based on customer feedback. Powerful Billing of the Material module is also available.


cloud accounting software

Inventory Software Report:

  • Stock card reporting
  • Invoicing module report
  • Purchase module report
  • Billing reporting
  • Issue invoice, purchase order, credit notes and many more billing report
  • Top 50 items by sales figure and quantity report
  • Fast moving sales agent reporting based on stock card report
  • Details stock card report and many more.