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Skill Future Grant for Accounting Software Course


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Learn the easiest method which is also the fastest way to understand accounting logic at $0?

Yes, it is fully subsidized by Skills future training which is worth $200 and completely free to you. The learner will be able to manage a full set of financial statement without strong accounting knowledge.
Our trainers have many years of experience and are here to impart skills which may have to go through Diploma or Degree to acquire it.

100% worth learning and a certification will be provided on successful course completion.

Approved WDA Skill Future Training FREE Funding Course Worth $200(Singaporean age 25 years old above only) – EZ Accounting® and Inventory Software

Get knowledge of basic accounting and inventory software application to improve your own knowledge and at the end of the course, you’ll be able to
  • print out instant profit and loss report
  • Know available stock costing
  • Stock count and stock costing
  • Submit GST every quarterly
  • View sales reporting and graphs
  • Issue invoicing and all other billing using software
  • Print out and view all financial report anytime anywhere.