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April 10, 2019
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April 26, 2019

There is a lot of accounting software is available in today’s business world, especially for an accounting business. MYOB software is one of the best accounting software for an accounting business. Let us discuss the MYOB software.

MYOB Software

MYOB stands for Mind your own business which helps you in providing following business services to small and medium-sized business. Such business services are tax reporting, accounting, etc.

Functions of MYOB Accounting Software

  •   Accounts
  •   Sales & Receivables
  •   Banking
  •   Purchases & Payables
  •   Inventory
  •   Card File Management
  •   Jobs Management
  •   To-do List
  •   Reports

These are the functions of MYOB accounting software which help you to manage the small business.

MYOB Accounts Functions

  •   You can maintain the seven-year account history.
  •   You can set a two-year budget for all your accounts.
  •   Smart account selection feature is available to ensure the correct account category for all transaction entries.
  •   You can view your account details by account name or account number.
  •   You can change the unused account status as inactive.

MYOB Banking Functions

  •   Able to customize the invoice formats like adding headers and subtotals etc.
  •   Able to do a probability analysis based on the product or customer.
  •   And also able to do sale analysis.
  •   Able to track customer activity statement and Email customer statements.
  •   Able to print the account transaction information such as sales quotations, delivery orders, and invoices.
  •   For customer statement and emailing sale, invoice you can send the default email message.
  •   You can get warning messages when the duplicate Customer PO No or Sales Invoice No is entered in the system.
  •   For future purposes, sales transactions are recorded.
  •   By using the sales register you can access the sales original information, sales status, sales invoice, etc.
  •   On the invoice, you can track the backorder quantity.
  •   You can able view the invoices based on the invoice NO or Customer PO No.
  •   You can track your sales referral source.
  •   Memo report is generated for an invoice.
  •   Without retyping you can change your quotations and orders into an invoice.

MYOB Security Functions

  •   For security purpose, MYOB software provides password-protection.
  •   Able to lock the earlier month transactions.
  •   Common processing errors are detected by the Inbuilt Data Auditor.
  •   You can simply back up your financial data from any medium.
  •   Provide restricted access for every user to access the screens, reports and menu items.

These are the various functions of MYOB accounting software. Based on these functions we suggest MYOB Software is the best accounting software for an accounting business.  Now you are deciding to install the MYOB Software for your business?  You are in the right place. Onestopaccounting.com is a Singapore based accounting software provider for SME’s. We also offer Sage_Ubs, MYOB, QUICKEN and EZ Accounting software, etc. To get your software, Ping us  @ sales@onestopaccounting.com  or call us @ 65-6227 1797  and book your software’s live demo!! Hurry up!!

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