Use MYOB Software to Pay Staff and Suppliers

Use MYOB Software to Pay Staff and Suppliers

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Use MYOB Software to Pay Staff and Suppliers

Through the MYOB Software Singapore package, payment is directly paid to staff and suppliers on the same day. Paying the staff and supplier is a little difficult process and it takes lots of time for small business owners.

Paying Suppliers

To pay for the suppliers’ the user needs to log out of their MYOB software file and then log in to their online bank portal. By using the new partnership initiative, Small business owners are directly paying their invoices from their MYOB software file. Through this feature, it saves lots of time.

Get Answer for How It Works

  • Business owners receive the invoices from suppliers
  • Such invoices entered into the MYOB’s online accounting software
  • To pay from the Singapore MYOB software you have to select the number of invoices ( it may be one or more invoices)
  • Then click the Pay Now button

During the payment process, MYOB will

  • Process the invoice values against debit and credit card which has been securely stored
  • And done the same day payment to suppliers and staffs
  • Update the accounting software to display the Payment process completed message

At the same time business owner have another option to process payroll

Processing Payroll

From the nominated debit or credit card, the staff will get the payments through the MYOB software which has a new option to pay staff.

By using the MYOB software it removes the pain points of manual processing and provides a solution to work with global partners and resolves key cash flow issues. Through the MYOB software speed-up process, lots of payments are done for small business owners.

Through this post, definitely, you will learn about the MYOB Software to Pay Staff and Suppliers. Still having any hesitation to select MYOB software for your business just read the blog: Is MYOB Essentials the right choice for your business? Or feel free to call us @ 65-6746 2613 or 65-6227 1797 to book your live demo in MYOB accounting software or any other Singapore accounting software. Hurry up!!
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