UBS Inventory and Billing System Features

UBS Inventory & Billing System Features

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UBS Inventory & Billing System Features

Inventory management is easy and efficient when you are using the UBS inventory and Billing software which handles all kinds of inventory transactions and stay up-to-date with stock. Through the simple order entry module, it generates the Sales Order, Purchase Order, Delivery Order, Invoices, Credit and Debit Notes.UBS inventory and billing software include the bill of the material module and it uses some valuation methods such as Fixed Cost, First In First Out (FIFO), Monthly Moving Average and Moving Average. It has different levels of security for user access.

Features of UBS Inventory & Billing System

  • Different levels of data access security
  • Real-time update of stock item
  • Multi-Currency Transactions entry (e.g. Invoicing)
  • Able to track the sales and purchase order
  • Multiple sales orders to 1 Delivery Order
  • Multiple Delivery Orders to 1 Invoice
  • Multiple delivery addresses
  • Unlimited description lines per item
  • Credit limit control during invoicing
  • 14-character stock code
  • Two levels of grouping stock
  • Four valuation method such as Fixed Cost, FIFO, Monthly Average, Moving Average
  • Multiple locations
  • Two units of measurement
  • Track through the serial number and expiry date
  • Supports graded stocks
  • Item Assembly (Assemble parts to become a finished item)
  • Track the reorder quantities and generate a forecast based on the order
  • Enquiry and search have done through the keywords

Inventory and billing software generate the following reports

  • Delivery Order
  • Invoice
  • Cash Sale
  • Purchase Order
  • Sales Order
  • Debit Notes
  • Credit Notes Listing
  • Transaction Summary by Quantity
  • Outstanding Sales Order (Summary)
  • Outstanding Sales Order (Details)
  • Outstanding Purchase Order Listing (Summary)
  • Outstanding Purchase Order Listing (Details)
  • Re-order Advice
  • Check Materials For Item Assembly Report
  • Grade Item Status
  • Item Serial No Status
  • Stock Card
  • Location Stock Card
  • Stock Transfer Listing
  • Stock Status Value & Report by Item
  • Stock Status Value & Report by Category
  • Stock Status Value & Report by Group
  • Stock Status Value & Report by Location
  • Stock Aging Report
  • Sales Analysis by Customer
  • Sales Analysis by Agent
  • Sales Analysis by Area
  • Sales Analysis by Invoice
  • Sales Analysis by Product
  • Profit Margin by Bill
  • Profit Margin by Product
  • Profit Margin by Location
  • Profit Margin by Customer
  • Profit Margin by Agent
  • Yearly sales & purchases reports
  • Product Sales Report
  • Top 50 Product Sales by Quantity
  • Top 50 Product Sales by Sales

We hope through this post you will get some idea about the UBS inventory system. If you are think this system will help you in business growth. Don’t hesitate to book your Singapore inventory software. Just call us on 65-6746 2613 or 65-6227 1797or email us on for your live demo!!  We also have the EZ payroll, EZ accounting, UBS accounting, MYOB software, ACCPAC accounting software.
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