Specification of Billing and Inventory Management System

Specification of Billing and Inventory Management System

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The following are the functions and its advantages of EZ Billing and Inventory Management System:

Different level of data access security: Management can block and prevent the user from accessing confidential data such costing of an item.

Real-time update of stock item: Able to compute real-time and accurate movement of stock status and able to prompt reorder should stock fall below the minimum.

Multi-currency transactions (e.g invoice): Able to print out invoices and all billing in multi-currency which helps in producing home currency report VS. Foreign currency reporting to access gain or loss.

Multi-delivery order to 1 invoice: Enable each month or anytime to choose all delivery orders to 1 consolidate invoices without importing 1 delivery order to 1 invoice and save time.

Multi-level of the matrix of items (e.g garment): Able to split 1 item into multi-matrix such as 1 item code to different color and sizes for stock ordering instead of the creation of loads of item codes.

Multi-locations: Able to transfer stock from each warehouse or location to another location

Multi-location reporting: Able to view each location stock status and should 1 fall shortage, the purchaser can do a transfer based on reporting.

Assembly of Bill of materials (e.g B.O.M): Able to create a B.O.M listing for manufacturing company with an assembly of items parts and de-assembly of items.

Detail B.O.M Reporting: Able to show reporting for raw material usage and allocation of items.

Prompting users should stock fall below minimum: Able to prompt upon login to users when item fall shortage and users can create a reorder advise note

Multi-company: Able to create multi-company in different database and able to consolidate accounts between each

Multi-users: Able to link up to different users at a LAN network or cloud environment.

Multi-delivery address: Able to create the unlimited delivery address for each customer (e.g 1 invoice address with different location of delivery to point).

Accurate costing method: Fifo / lifo / fixed cost / average cost – Users can be based on company accounting method to determine the costing of their inventory

Assign different price list for each supplier or customer: Management will set the pricing table for each customer and supplier that operation user can select item during billing and pricing of assigned will be reflected accurately

Batch code function (e.g expiry date of an item): Suitable for the complex industry with an expiry date of an item such as in the medical line of industry, should item date expired and upon billing will prompt expired and stop users from issuing out.

Multi-unit of measurement: Able to have different unit of measurement for each item such as in carton / pcs or others and auto compute to smallest unit and reflect accurate stock balance

The unlimited formula of stock computation:  Able to create different formula computation to each item (e.g Length x Breadth x Height /10), this will helps greatly instead of manually compute and key in manually into the system as it allows formula computation.

Serial number tracking: Able to create serial number and expired date of an item which helps in monitoring of low-level stocks and quickly takes action.

Forecast quantity of items: Able to based on billing and forecast stock balance on hand and forecast quantity of stock to maintain in warehouse should client reserve stocks

Multi-level of the quick and fast search function of inventory: Able to search by item code/item description/item location/salesman assigned and many more.

Detail stock status and valuation report by location or overall: Detail costing can be computed based on movement of stocks in billing and produce costing report for management review

Inventory Profit margin reporting: Detail movement of stocks based on purchases and invoices issue or credit note return and compute automatically profit margin by item or billing

Inventory aging report: Able to reflect in table chart format of item aging movement and management can note which are the slow-moving item and quickly make the decision on it.

Backorder inventory: Able to prompt and reporting on backorder items based on reserve stock or promised stock and prompt quantity of items still outstanding by a supplier or to a customer.

Multi-level of stock creation: Different grouping of item is available for users to set which helps greatly during a search during billing order or checking of stocks

Different tier discount grouping of items: Able to set different groups of categorizing of items having different rate of discount for each period

Project or job item costing: Able to assign a different project to each billing and compute easily read reporting for projects involved.

Stock balance available at all billing: Able to control and view stock status at all billing which helps in deciding if enough stock is available to deliver to customer

Stock adjustment: Able to reduce or increase stock quantity should audit of stocks different from physical stock balance.

Multi and unlimited B.O.M creation of inventory (Bill of material): Able to create for manufacturing company unlimited B.O.M listing for item Assembly of stocks during manufacturing

Prompt of items shortage during B.O.M assembly:  Able to prompt user’s shortage of raw materials should material fall shortage during assembly.

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