Need to Change Cloud Based Payroll Accounting Software

Need to Change Cloud Based Payroll Accounting Software

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August 17, 2021
Payroll Software for E-Commerce Businesses
Payroll Software for E-Commerce Businesses
September 27, 2021

Need to Change Cloud-Based Payroll Accounting Software

In this day and age, ‘Cloud’ is a step ahead to look forward to. Being a future-ready organization it becomes imperative that you are in sync with the latest changes happening in this tech-savvy eco-system, and hence it becomes essential to switch to a state-of-the-art cloud payroll software that will help enable immense benefits like improved flexibility, increased efficiency, cost-effectively. In this rapidly growing and ever-changing ecosystem, many organizations are switching to the cloud for their HR and payroll Accounting software needs; with the reasons being multiple, some prominent aspects are highlighted as follows.

Business scalability

Cloud architecture is built on the principles with scalability factor as a base. A Payroll accounting software cloud-based solution expands with the need and hours of the business and thus keeping in sync with the fact that the organization can focus on the core of the matter i.e., business and profitability. As your business grows, it becomes inherent that the IT infrastructure needs to be expanded, but in the cloud-based model, this is taken care of by considering the fact that there is minimal dependence on IT infrastructure and it is most importantly the vendor’s obligation to provide the optimum performance.

Exceptionally Secure

A cloud-based solution is safer and secure as and when compared to desktop/server-based installation. Because of higher encryption protocols and stringent measures put into place into cloud solutions, the risk factor being considerably less, and thus your data is much more secure in a cloud environment, which entitles us to function in a safe digital environment. It can be considered to point out that on-premise server-based data was recently comprised via WannaCry Ransomware attacks all over the world and cloud-based solutions have been relatively less affected.

Accessibility on the Go

Cloud payroll accounting software makes life easy for one, to manage payroll anywhere and at any point in time.  An internet connection is all you need. Additionally, it also offers mobile access, which means wherever you are: be it a conference, out on lunch/ dinner, or for any vacation, you can perform various tasks over any internet-enabled device.


An advantage of cloud software is the “low investment” and “high returns” that it would yield. As it eliminates the need for a physical setup and reduces its dependence on hardware, businesses can save costs on both initial and frequent expenses through the adoption of the cloud.

Paperless green approach

Cloud-based software enables you to be considerate towards the environment by reducing the paper trail generated by enabling your processes on the cloud. It enables speedy and efficient recovery of the stored files at the click of a button, at the end of the day with a secure and compliant approach; one need not have to spend hours altogether to hunt down the relevant data and segregating it in physical form.

A cloud-based payroll software comprises nearly everything that is required to manage a company and its employees. With all data being encrypted and stored on the cloud you can access them anytime and from anywhere. A good cloud payroll system will serve as an invaluable tool to make the HR and finance function easier. Our product Onestopaccounting now being a cloud-based software that helps businesses in overcoming the hassles of payroll and thus enabling them to concentrate on their business goals.

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