Guide to Recover Lost Quicken Data in Windows

Guide to Recover Lost Quicken Data in Windows

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Quicken software is the finance software used for personal and business purpose. If you want to recover the quicken data, you have to make quicken data backup which includes accounts, passwords, reports, and attachments, etc. You can make use of these data during a computer failure. Quicken data backups safeguard your financial data. Quicken data file saved with the extension.QDF. For MAC it saved as quicken.backup. To keep your quicken backup files, Quicken offers some subscription which provides 7GB online storage with Dropbox.

Backup Quicken for Windows                                                     

  • First, you have to select the file which you want to back up and restore the back up in the folder. After that make back up that quicken folder.
  • You can make back up in two ways. One is through computer and another one way is through external drive or Dropbox.
  • For identification purpose, you can name the backup folder with data.
  • Quicken will help you find the desired location to save your backup folder. After that, you have to press Backup Now.

Backup to a USB thumb drive, CD, DVD, etc.

  • First, you have to insert the CD/DVD / flash drive to save the backup
  • Then open your Quicken Software
  • Next, Go to Folder à Backup or Restore à Backup Quicken Folder
  • Then browse the location where you want to store the backup and select your device like DVD/CD drive or flash drive.
  • For backup process, press Back up Now Button.

To Restore Quicken data                                 

  • Go to Folder à Backup and Restore à Restore from Backup folder
  • Then select your backup file to restore the quicken data
  • Then you have to press Restore Backup.
  • You can also use an external device or Dropbox for backup and restore the quicken data file.
  • When restoring the backup, if you get pop up like Overwrite Folder. Then you have to make backup cop you’re restoring.
  • If you wish to overwrite the current file, just press OK button to restore the file.

These are the tips to recover your lost quicken data on windows. For more details you can visit our Quicken page: //www.onestopaccounting.comquicken-accounting-software/.  If you want to book Quicken software for your business or personal purpose, Ring us on +65-6746 2613 or +65-6227 1797 (9 Lines) or Email us on
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