Benefits:Performance Review Software

Benefits of Using Performance Review Software

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Benefits of Using Performance Review Software

Performance Review Software- Employee Performance Reviews within an Organization

Employees’ performance plays a vital role in the success of a company. Performance reviews provide valuable feedback which can shape performance and improve productivity. Performance review software can help to improve the efficiency and accuracy of employee performance reviews within an organization, so this software may be a valuable addition to an existing HRIS or may be a critical consideration when selecting a new HRIS.

The Power of Recognition

Employee performance reviews have long been viewed as a valuable tool for employees to gain feedback about performance. Studies show that employees prefer even negative recognition regarding performance to no recognition at all. Performance review software can help make it easier and faster for managers and human resources professionals to complete and deliver periodic reviews.

Rounded View of Performance

Performance review software may vary, but most make it simple to conduct “360 degree” reviews. This type of review allows feedback regarding employee performance to be obtained from customers, peers, and managers. Reviewing feedback from all of these sources can give managers and human resources professionals a more complete picture of an employee’s strengths and weaknesses.

Increase Feedback Frequency

Performance review software makes it easier for managers and employers to send feedback to employees from a remote location. This gives employers greater flexibility, which may promote more frequent reviews. Employers may also be apt to provide more in-depth feedback if the flexibility offered by performance review software eases the pressures associated with writing reviews while in the office under time constraints.

Reduce Stigma Surrounding Reviews

In the past, reviews were often regarded with dread by both employers and employees. This is mainly due to the weight that was placed on annual or biannual reviews, with promotions and raises often riding on the reviews. When reviews are given with greater frequency and simply for the purpose of letting employees know what aspects of performance are strong and which aspects could be improved, reviews may be viewed in a more positive light by all involved.

Improve Performance Tracking

When employee performance reviews are filled out on the spot, managers may be biased based on recent events and fail to take past performance factors into consideration. Performance review software allows managers to keep a running log of notes that can tell a story about the employee’s progress over time. This alters the approach of performance reviews from a “snapshot” view of employee’s performance to a peak into the journey of an employee’s development.

Clarifies Training and Development Needs

With the more rounded view of an employee’s strengths and weakness that is offered by performance review software, employers may be able to better assess the employee’s training and development needs. Employers may even be able to see the potential for an employee to do better in another department or area of the company after reviewing feedback from multiple sources. Ideally, this may lower turnover when employee’s overall strengths are considered as opposed to just the strengths that are seen by one manager in one area of the company.

Automatic Performance Review Reporting

In addition to the personal development benefits of performance review software, the software also makes it easier for performance reviews to be printed, distributed, and stored. Employers do not have to sit and manually write out extensive reviews. The information that has been gathered over the selected time period can simply be compiled and put into the desired format.

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