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July 30, 2020
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How Accounting Software can help a Small Business to Grow?
January 18, 2021

Today, IT solutions are fast-growing technology that has incorporated the use of high-end and expensive solutions. You can start at a lower level by automating the simple existing processes in your business to improve your productivity. The Singapore Government has introduced the Productivity Solutions Grant (PSG) in a move to encourage and support business in its transformation journey. The Digital transformation requires a massive upfront investment in digital marketing and more long-term commitments. The productivity solutions grant will help you to purchase and adopt the new technologies solutions with an aim at remaining competitive in a highly volatile business environment in digital marketing. The Productivity Solutions Grant is dedicated to supporting the company firms that are interested in adopting information technology solutions and equipment to make their business processes more powerful and efficient. This article will go through all what you need to know about the Productive Solutions Grant.

What is the Productivity Solutions Grant (PSG) 

The Productive Solutions Grant is focused on support in adopting internet technology solutions in several selected industries. These include industry are retail, finance, logistics, engineering, food, and landscaping businesses. PSG has brought together three types of existing grants including the National Parks Boards Landscape Productivity grant, the spring Singapore innovation & Capability voucher, and the Media Development Authority‘s SME Digital program. The Government simplified the overall awards into one main PSG. You can now apply for support under one grant scheme. These PSG solutions have been supporting the previously pre-copied by the Government mentioned above supported by agencies. However, in case your business SME does not readily fit any of the industries, PSG offers some adoptable solutions such as digital customer relationship management and human resource management that cut across all sectors.

The PSG provides one of the significant financial breakthroughs for most companies. According to global commercial banking, adopting technological changes in your business is essential as it brings cost benefits that enable the state to attain sustainable growth in the long run. The program offers about seventy percent of funding support to the Singapore companies. These will give them a chance to get into long-term digital technology investments. The tech Depot can provide a list of readily flexible solutions. Companies that want to undertake the grant schemes can apply the Productivity Solutions Grant for a more wish to substantial one grant scheme. Among the support of pre-approved solutions include, to be streamlined into Productivity Solution Grants further include the SME-friendly Go Digital program.

The Government of Singapore is ready for financial assistance to the company that will get into the modernization strategy of their business through the Productivity Solutions Grant. The Government has integrated PSG to work together with industry transformation maps (ITMs) in a motion seeking to promote partnership between the industries, the local business, and the Government. Why is ITMs integration necessary? Industry transformation maps act as the guideline in the determination and strategy of Government digital transformation model support. The Singapore Government Agency Website group industries as a group of six through ITMs. This collaboration is critical in making Singapore home to productivity and innovation.

PSG for IT Solutions

The revolution of IT solutions is fast growing with the incorporation of social media marketing, online marketing, and search engine optimization. In that case, most of the business downfall is as a result of digital marketing strategy. Company development requires a vast lead generation investment to keep it competitive analyze in online digital marketing. Online marketing has become a huge investment for small and big investors and has had tremendous growth especially in Singapore. About fifty-five percent of Singaporeans accessing the internet using their devices to search or purchase products. This proves the need for a company to apply for the production solution grants to sell their business brand to the demographic market. 


Today important business discussed digital transformation and automation is critical decisions in all business firms. Your business cannot afford to work manually in calculating and keeping its marketing records. The Government is funding the innovation of these local businesses through PSG. The grants will provide a computerized accounting that is more accurate and gives the online marketer more room in concentrating on other business matters. Additionally, the use of automated transactions places your online business at the exposure of a larger area of online users. You can gain access to more potential buyers and also give you an ideal platform for the company.

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