Accounting Software Myths Vs. Facts

Accounting Software Myths Vs. Facts

Moving forward Organizing business finance with the technological bliss
Moving forward: Organizing business finance with the technological bliss
December 21, 2019
PSG Grant Accounting Software Singapore
PSG Grant Accounting Software Singapore
January 25, 2020

With the passage of time and more advance in technology. It’s a fact that all businesses can’t function without basic needs such as computers to run with the fast pace needs operations. With that, it is indeed a fact that it is possible to see the future of accounting software Singapore becomes more important than traditional forms of doing accounting manually. Accounting has never been the same over the years. It has indeed over the years undergo massive changes. To keep up the pace, businesses has to identify the importance of implementing computerize accounting software to keep up with the pace. More than the needs for proper recording, there are loads of myths and false facts to strike off, which is why it is important that we also need to understand the facts about features of  accounting software.

Myth Number 1:

Doing accounting is for year end reporting only :

Fact: Accounting is not just designed and use during each year end accounts closing but for daily accounting reporting such as daily real time sales analysis and generating of financial reporting to do weekly  budgeting and others accounting duties. Customer also needs information such as their statement of accounts which only computerize accounting software is able to generate within a click of reporting from accounting software. By keeping and inputting daily transactions into accounting software rather then manually using pens and papers to record, you will come up with an updated record that can be used for growth of your company structure.

Myth Number 2:

Accounting software are only off the shelf and no support :

Fact:  There are some brands of accounting which do not have any support centre in Singapore thus lots of bosses whom do not have accounting knowledge would not dare to purchase as questions such as:

  • Who to call for support?
  • If any errors orccur who to call to for support?

Well, all these questions would have been resolved if you contact us accounting software support Singapore whereby here we provide support such as:

  • Remotely support via internet which immediately we can see the issues you faced and resolved it within few minutes.
  • Telephone support is available during weekdays and Saturday too.
  • Emailing our support team is a fast way too such that you can screen shot what happened and our support will contact you soonest.
  • On site support is available too within 24 hours upon request via our support hot-line.
  • Customization of billing or inventory billing formats and reporting is also available.

With good training and support for accounting software provided, you can put your trust in us for all your accounting software needs.

Myth Number 3:

Accounting is very complex and takes a long time to produce accounting reporting :

Fact: During the olden days such that there is not computerised accounting and people had to use T ledger accounts to draw lines and compute and add all sums themselves and taking too much time. Now, accounting is drop dead easy with computerised accounting software. Accounting software are designed in such as way you only need to input daily invoices and expenses into the allocated fields and it will auto post to all reporting such as profit and loss accounts, debtors statement of accounts and all related reports without you having to add the sums yourself like the olden times.

Myth Number 4:

Accounting software is very expensive and not worth it :

Fact: With more and more brands of accounting surfaced, lots of vendors are selling accounting software at an affordable price and in Singapore, lots of accounting software grant are available. Prices range from few hundreds onwards which is drop dead cheap and affordable these days for any SMEs in Singapore.

Myth Number 5:

Accounting is only for qualify accountants to work on:

Fact: Accounting software are designed for the ease and convenience in keeping your books and accounting in proper. But as this is a software which you invest in your company. You should learn how to use it in order to generate the reporting whenever you required such as profit and loss reporting or even debtor aging report so that you can trace your debtors listing and chase your admin department to take action. The more you understand how accounting software works, you will be able to appreciate your business when its slowly achieving your target such as better work flow and  better productivity with computerised accounting software.

Therefore, what you need to remember is to review your current company operation work flow and the next step that you would like to achieve. Remember, to grow your company you need to revamp with computerised system such as accounting software and not using olden days manually method which is time consuming. Customer knowing you are able to produce statement of account to them punctually using accounting software would be impressed and would have more trust in your company.
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