How to Implement MYOB Accounting Software (Step-by-Sep)

Accounting Software Implementation Step by Step MYOB Accounting Software Singapore

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Accounting Software Implementation Step by Step MYOB Accounting Software Singapore 

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Implementation planning

This is the vital first step that can make or break your project. The expertise of knowing how all the pieces need to flow, the order of the steps, what needs to be addressed, and when will impact how successful your new system is for your business.

Implementation planning is where decisions on the Chart of Accounts, customer numbers, vendors numbers, inventory items, integration, who gets trained, how to go live in a timely and safe manner all occur.

Discussion and determination of what information from your old system is needed in the new system. There can be a broad difference in the cost based on what they want. Be careful not to try to do more than you actually need or more than you find cost-effective.

Software installation

Make sure your hardware and network system are adequately configured to support the new accounting software. Since several of today’s programs also offer CRM additional hardware needs may be required.

Load the software from a CD or a download onto the proper computer either a stand-alone or server

Install or adjust the operating system and ancillary software such as Microsoft Windows Server, SQL Server, Small Business Server, IIS, etc.

Establish a backup of the system data to protect against hardware failure. This needs to be followed up by testing and checking to confirm that the right files are being backed and the process is correct. Note that backing up SQL products is handled differently.

Setup of Terminal Services, Citrix, or web services is required in many of today’s environments, especially where companies have remote employees or multiple locations.

If loaded onto a server and accessed from PC’s then establish proper access rights to the server to allow your employees to use the system. Network security must be incorporated into the accounting software installation.

If multiple users: 

Establish passwords for each user

Establish proper access for each user to their specific areas such as limiting Payroll accounting software  access to specific employees

Sarbanes – Oxley-type security options (role-based security) are available for many systems. The setup needs to be specific and carefully set up.

Configure system documents to suit your needs such as: 

  • Customer invoices
  • Customer statements
  • Payroll checks
  • Vendor checks
  • Purchase Orders
  • Sales Quotes, etc.

Create custom reports to provide information in the format you need. These reports incorporate both operational areas as well as financial areas.

Establish any needed “tie in” with other Accounting software such as importing data from an E-commerce application or from a time clock. Integration with other systems will vary based on your individual system. All require attention for security, backup, and the ability to recover from a failed import.
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